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golf bags

Golf bags are usually used to carry golf clubs. Some golf bags are made up of nylon, canvas, or some are of leather with plastic or metal framing. Golf bags have several pockets, it is designed for carrying equipment such as golf balls, tees, towels etc. which are essential over the course of a round of golf. Usually, 14 golf clubs are kept into the golf bag. Why golfer choose the best golf shoes for golfing? If you want to know click here.

How many types of golf bags?

There are typically 6 types of golf bags. They are of different main characteristics. You can choose them and buy knowing about their pros and cons. These are as mentioned below:

1.   Stand bags – Stand bags have two retractable legs that hold the bag upright. Stand bag has more storage rooms for storing golf equipment such as golf clubs, golf balls, tees etc. than ordinary carry bags and it is a lightweight bag. May be therefore, there is more demand of this kind of golf bags than others.

2.   Carry bags – They are typically designed to be carried by the golfer itself or by his or her assistant while on the course. This type of golf bags may have single or dual shoulder straps and it is a kind of lightweight golf bag. This made the golf players easier to transport the required golf equipment such as golf clubs, golf balls, and tees etc. throughout the game of golf.

3.   Sunday bags – This type of bags have very light weight of at around 1 – 1.5 lbs, and it has flexibility. It can be folded if required while storing somewhere without golf clubs. It has several segregated pockets for the clubs, balls, tees, drinks and stand legs etc., but It has not enough place to carry an entire set of golf clubs, only 8-10 golf clubs can be carried at a time.

4.  Cart bags – It is a kind of golf bag which requires a hand or power cart to take around the golf course. It has a strap too, with which you can sling the bag over your sling. Cart bags are not able to stand on an uneven surface it needs a smooth and flat surface.

5.  Staff bags – Staff bags are generally of same or larger and heavier than a cart bags in size. It has a single shoulder strap to carry the bag. It has large compartment for carrying golf equipment and essential spare clothes, this may require during the play. Staff bags are generally carried by personal caddies or other assistants to professional or high-level amateur players. Most of the staff bags prominently display brand logos on it.

6.  Travel bags – Travel bags are generally used by amateur golf players such as business executives, touring players etc. because it is specially designed for the travel, so as to be able to protect golf equipment such as golf clubs, golf balls, tees etc. from theft and make the bag suitable for checking airline luggage.

7.   Hybrid golf bags – This kind of bags are fusion of stand golf bags and cart golf bags. It is fully waterproof. It is very easy to carry because it can be carried either over the shoulder or on a trolley.


The most significant advantages of using a cart bag is that there is no necessary to carry the bags over your shoulder which causes you feel boring and exhaustion, you can push or pull the bag around the course in a cart. A disadvantage of a cart bag is that you must obtain a cart to transport the bag at additional cost.


Carrying this type of bags for several hours can burn extra fat and increase your endurance and there is no need to do extra exercise. This style of bags can be set down anywhere anytime during the course of play. But a drawback to a stand bag is that it can make your shoulders and back sore if it is too heavy to carry.


1.  Clean off your golf bag with a damp towel to wipe out any dirt and debris from it when it is considered to be cleaned.

2.  Always store your golf bag in a clean place and do not forget to cover with a sheet of plastic.

3.  Do not put anything that gets wet during a round and take out such kind of things immediately on termination of match.

4.  Clean and allow to dry all pockets and body of golf bag completely before putting it to the store.


1.   Pockets – Mostly golf bags have one or two pockets, but some types of golf bags have over a dozen in different sizes too. The more pockets the more useful to put golf balls, tees, spare balls, attire, drinks and valuables etc.

2.   Straps – Generally all kinds of golf bags have straps. It can be used to carry golf bags over the shoulder.

3.  Dividers – Most of the golf bags have dividers. Dividers divide the top opening of a golf bags. Some bags have full length divider some do not. If the bag has full length divider, it is better to use because it keeps the golf clubs safe, they do not intermingle but in the case of short divider the golf clubs intermingle it causes scratches.

4.  Legs – With the help of a bag with its leg, the bag can be used as a stand which provides very easy access golfers to the golf clubs if golfers want to change clubs. The golf bag legs will protect the golf bags, and other items kept into it from dirt, mud and stains.


Nowadays, there are many golf bags of different brands in the market. If we go to market without basic knowledge of it, we cannot distinguish which types of golf bags are suitable and which is the virtual brand of golf bags. Therefore, some well-known brands of golf bags to the best of my knowledge are as mentioned below:

1.  Cobra.

2.  TaylorMade.

3.  Callaway.

4.  Sun Mountain.

5.  PING.

6.  Bag Boy.

7.  Titleist.

8.  OGIO.

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