What do you mean by lifestyle blogging?

lifestyle blogging

The digital content which represents author’s or blogger’s everyday life, as well as interests, is called a lifestyle blog and the act of uploading or writing the digital content regarding author’s everyday life and interests is called a lifestyle blogging. It is quite different from personal blogging because a personal blog is more like an online personal journal, where the author or blogger writes about his or her personal life or personal daily activities. But the lifestyle blog is more like a lifestyle magazine, the content written in the lifestyle blog is guided more by the ideas, experiences, and interests of the author or the blogger. The contents found in the lifestyle blog are presented in an organized manner so as to be easy to understand for the blog readers. The lifestyle blogging is full of functional, entertainment and educational. What do you mean by lifestyle magazine?

How many types are of lifestyle blogging?

There are many types of lifestyle bloggers that cover a lot of topics from fashion and beauty tips to food, culture, heritage, etc. and that covers from tours and travel to individual fitness, home decor, health, finance, etc. It all depends on the personal interests of the blogger what kind of information he or she is going to give to readers.

What is the meaning of lifestyle?

The simple meaning of lifestyle is the way of living of individuals, families, and societies. Moreover, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, the meaning of lifestyle is someone’s way of living, the things that a person or a particular group of people usually do. According to Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler “Lifestyle is a person’s basic character which is established early in childhood”. Simply you can understand lifestyle is the way or a style in which a person lives. Therefore, the fundamental components of lifestyle are someone’s interests, opinions, and attitudes and someone’s lifestyle depend upon such components. Suppose, a person who buys clothes, furniture, cars, paints, homes, etc. according to his or her choices or interests, comments, express, and argues with someone according to his opinions, and lastly, acts according to his or her attitudes. Bear in mind that, someone’s action or behavior is the reflection of someone’s attitude.

Important tips to start a lifestyle blogging?

1. Have a clear purpose and choose your blog niche – There is too much competition in blogging, therefore, to create a lifestyle blog it is mandatory to choose a niche (Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intention of using it to market to a particular niche market). For choosing a niche you have to have a clear purpose so that you will able to choose the right niche to get successful in lifestyle blogging. You have to choose such kind of niche so that your blog able to define easily what it is all about and who you are. So, think about the global scale of your blog and define your niche that way. To make an income it is almost impossible with a multi-topic blog. So, you have to target a particular target such as college kids, pet lovers, etc.

2. Pick a domain name – A domain name is your personal or business home on the internet. It is like a piece of online real estate that you have the right to control and name it. The way to secure that online domain is to simply create a unique name and register it or to buy an existing domain name from a domain marketplace or private seller. Domain makes it possible to create a website that establishes a user’s online existence for a variety of personal or business purposes. To pick and decide a domain name is so important for your blog before you getting into a blogging platform and hosting. This custom domain gives you the complete ownership of the domain and no one will ever claim your domain. Every domain must have a unique name that distinguishes it from all others.

3. Choose a blogging platform – There are several different blogging platforms out there. You can choose the best blogging platform by going over the pros and cons of the most popular blogging sites. Here are some popular blogging platforms and you can choose any one of them.

• Blogger
• Tumbler
• Wix
• WordPress.org
• Ghost
• Weebly
• Joomla
• Squarespace
• Medium

4. Get website hosting company for lifestyle blog – A website hosting service is a kind of internet hosting service that permits individual and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies and they provide space on a server owned or leased for use by customers and facilitating internet connectivity. There is a lot of website hosting companies such as Hostgator.com, Godaddy.com, Bluehost.com, Ipage.com, Inmotionhosting.com, Webhostingtalk.com, Homestead.com, Linode.com, Dreamhost.com, Siteground.com, Moonfruit.com, etc. that permit you to host your website at different plans. You can choose any one of them.

But it is mandatory to see the incredibility, backups, speed, supportive system, packages, etc. of the companies before choosing a web hosting company. You can choose the Siteground.com and Bluehost.com companies which are more incredible and supportive as well as they have different plans for new bloggers too. If you want to create two blogs, in such case you can choose GROW BIG plan, if you want to start with one blog, START-UP plan is the best.

5. Find the right theme for a lifestyle blog – You can personalize and make attractive your blog on your own by making little improvements and customization because a theme represents the overall appearance of your blog. Your website theme must be attractive because your website theme gives the first impression to your blog readers. Therefore, it is most important to choose carefully the color, fonts, images, widgets, etc. you use.

WordPress is one of the most liked lifestyle blogging platforms because of its powerful features and flexibility. A standout feature is WordPress themes, which are highly customizable and permit you to design your website to match your brand. There are more than 40 WordPress themes such as Javelin, Newspaper, Divi, Gillion, Unicode, Soledad, Kalium, CheerUp, the blogger, Typology, Magplus, Johannes, The Vox, Foodica, Morning Time, TheGem, Stockholm, Bridge, Brixton, KALLYAS, Pofo, Norebro etc. that are perfect for your personal blog.

6. Create and publish value blog posts – To create and publish valuable content is another most important step for blogging. Because blogging is an art. To write and post something is not enough. The major problem with art and personal expression are that sometimes they cannot interpret in the same way by the readers or by the targeted audience if the messages are not presented in an appropriate way. Therefore, it is mandatory to consider a few things as mentioned below before starting an article.

• Characteristics of the targeted audience.
• Their interests.

A spreadsheet, blog planner keeps you more organized when there is so much to write about. Or a simple SMART PLANNER helps to put down all of your blog post ideas, keywords, affiliate, brands, networks, social media growth in one place which you can easily track. HOW TO START A LIFESTYLE BLOG IN LESS THAN 15 MINS!