What is the meaning of an insurance agent?

insurance agent

An authorized person, who licensed by a state and employed by an insurance company to sell various insurance policies on behalf of the insurance company. Or, an insurance agent is a person who works for an insurance company and whose job is to sell the insurance products of the insurance company such as property insurance, life insurance, casualty insurance, disability insurance, farm insurance, etc. They offer all the products provided by the insurance companies and they work for individuals, related companies, commercial businesses, or other organizations that may require their services. Why is the health insurance plan so important?

An insurance agent is a salesperson, who sells insurance therefore, they must have extensive knowledge of all the products and policies available in the insurance company they work for. The insurance agents are persons who directly interact with clients and customers. An insurance agent can evaluate the necessities of clients and other aspects of their profile in order to offer them the product that is best suited for them. An additional category of agents also presents there which known as independent agents who may work with various companies as insurance brokers. The insurance agent may be male or female and an insurance agent receives a sale-based commission or bonus.

What is the meaning of an independent insurance agent?

Independent insurance agents especially represent a number of insurance companies or also known as insurance sales agents, who sell a variety of insurance and financial products such as property insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, automobile insurance, fire insurance, farm insurance, etc.

An independent agent is not an employee of an insurance company. They do not receive a salary as an employee. Independent insurance agents get paid commission for the insurance selling service.

If you want to buy any insurance, an independent insurance agent will be helpful to you because they can check the rates and policies of several different companies at once, therefore, you can save your time and trouble of traveling one place to another in order to seek reliable insurance companies.

What is the main role of the insurance agent?

1. To sell various types of insurance policies available in their company such as automobile insurance, life insurance, fire insurance, property insurance, medical insurance, farm insurance, etc.

2. To select insurance companies that offer specific coverage demanded by the customer to underwrite a policy.

3. To seek potential clients, creating rapport by networking and generate lists of prospective clients.

4. To attend various types of meetings, seminars and motivational programs provided by the insurance companies to learn about new products and services, learn new business skills, and receive technical assistance in developing new accounts.

5. To develop marketing strategies because there are a lot of competitions between insurance agents as well as insurance companies.

6. To customize insurance programs to suit the individual client, often covering a variety of risks.

7. To deliver and explain about policies in details such as what kind of changes made by the company or going to be made in the near future, about beneficiaries, advantages and disadvantages of the policy, etc. to policyholders.

8. To ensure that all necessary documents are fulfilled and are correct as required by the insurance company.

9. To consult clients to obtain and provide information when claims are made on a policy.

10. To inspect all characteristics of the properties such as general conditions of the property, type of construction, and age, etc. in case of property insurance.

11. To maintain records and handling policy renewals.

12. To contact underwriter (insurer) and submit forms to obtain binder coverage (a proof of insurance you can use until you receive your actual policy or an agreement between you and the insurance company and is a confirmation in writing that a policy will be issued). How to Become an Insurance Agent you can find this article click this link.