Why golfer choose the best golf shoes for golfing?

golf shoes

The game of golf is a king of games. Therefore, every equipment is used by the golf players such as golf club sets, golf balls, golf bags, golf carts etc. should be unique and special. In such a context, how can anybody imagine the game of golf without special golf shoes. It must be from well-known brand. Because of it, may golfers experience comfort and confident on the course. Golf shoes, which is specifically designed for golfers to wear in the golf course. They are often spiked or spikeless.

Some information is given below which will help you understand and find what shoes are fit for you. Do you prefer the best golf shoes please click here.

How many types are of golf shoes?

There are usually four types of golf shoes. Spiked or cleated shoes, Spikeless golf shoes, Golf boot, and Golf sandal.

What are the main differences between spiked and spikeless golf shoes?

Spiked or cleated golf shoes – Spiked golf shoes have cleats on the outsole. Cleats usually made of soft plastic so as not to damage the golf green surface. It provides stability especially on hilly courses and in wet conditions. Moreover, it offers better traction and stability when you are swinging. It can be used only in the game of golf and it is replaceable.

Spikeless golf shoes – Spikeless golf shoes have a flat outsole with rubber studs or dimples in place of spikes. Because of its flatness or dimples in place of spikes, there is no any chance to tear the green surface. You can make round easily with comfort and convenience without changing shoes throughout the course. It can be worn anywhere as casual footwear.

Which kind of shoes are fit for new golfers?

Spiked or cleated shoes are recommended for the beginners, it is because, golfers can focus on improving their swing and developing their game when he has reliable foundation or he is out of fear of slipping and excess shifting. He or she won’t be able to improve game unless his or her feet are locked in. So, it will be better to choose the spiked or cleated shoes which meets the above criteria.

Which materials are used in golf shoes?

Leather, Synthetic, Waterproof linings, Metal spikes and plastic spikes are used in golf shoes. Leather, synthetic and waterproof linings are used in body of shoes. They all are breathable, water-resistant materials. Leather is better in summer weather golfing, whereas the waterproof linings golf shoes are better in the winter weather golfing because it offers warmth. Metal and plastic are used in spikes. Plastic spikes are better than metal spikes because metal spikes tear the green surface.

Which are the best golf shoes brands?

There are many kinds of athletic shoes in the market, each of them is designed for a different game such as shoes for the football players, shoes for the basketball players, shoes for the hockey players etc. there are many golf shoes brands as well. If we go to market and see directly the shoes, we get blurred. We cannot choose better one without basic knowledge about shoes brands. Golf shoes are special than others. It has the power of stability, flexibility, comfortable, water resistant, durability, and breathability. It offers easy to stand, swing and keep walking on the course. These types of shoes have a highly absorbent lining that soaks sweat easily from the feet and makes his or her feet cool and dry no matter how hot weather it is outside. Some best golf shoes brands according to the shoes users or shoes experts are as follows:

(1)  Nike.

(2)  Adidas.

(3)  Puma.

(4)  Ecco.

(5)  FootJoy.

(6) Sketchers.

(7) Callaway.

(8) Etonic.

(9) Truelinkswear.

(10) Oakley.

(11)  Dexter.

Not every golfer is rich, not every golfer has an unlimited budget so as to be able to spend his or her money on buying expensive golf shoes. Therefore, price of the golf shoes is also the other major factor to be kept under consideration. Furthermore, for the casual players no need to buy expensive one as professional golfer. So, it is necessary to check out its price, durability, suitability, guarantee, and brands before buying them. Golf shoes made from synthetic leather, polyester, and Gore-Tex materials are cheaper than real leather.

Where do you want to buy golf shoes from?

You can buy golf shoes from physical shops or from online it is up to you. In my personal view, physical shop needs staffs to run shop and they have to pay a lot of money in terms of salary, they must pay rent to the house owner but online shop do not have to pay for rental fees. Therefore, you can get cheaper goods from online shop. But it is mandatory to check online shop’s legality because online stores do not require to have physical addresses. Because of it people can be deceived. So, check first its physical addresses and certifications from bureau of business and read previous client reviews from social networking sites before ordering items do you prefer to buy.

How do you know the online stores are reliable or not?

If the following services are available, the online stores are reliable otherwise they may be fake, therefore be careful before buying online.

(1)  The online stores who provides a physical address, where you are given privilege to visit for inquiries and complaints.

(2)  The warranty of goods you prefer to buy and the policy of money back guarantee is clearly stated before buying goods.

(3)  Availability of secured of payment system.

(4)  Client product reviews are available.

(5)  If there are customer service department.

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