What is the difference between food crops and cash crops?

food crops

Before knowing the difference between food crops and cash crops, it is very essential to know about what is crop, and what are their basic categorization, because without basic knowledge of that we cannot understand well. If you looking How to eat carb rich sweet potatoes in a healthy way: Shraddha Kapoor please don’t forget to click here…..

Crop is a cultivated plant, or plant product in agriculture, that can be produced, or grown and harvested extensively for profit or subsistence (living), especially a cereal, fruit, or vegetable. According to its uses, it is divided into six categories:

1. Food crops – for human consumption (e.g. grains, wheat, rice, fruits, vegetable, and potatoes etc,).

2. Feed crops – for livestock (animals and birds that are kept on a farm) consumption. (e.g. oat meals, and alfalfa etc.)

3. Fiber crops – It is grown for their fibers, it is used to make paper, cordage (ropes), clothes, and textiles (e.g. cotton, hemp etc.).

4. Oil crops – for consumption, or industrial uses (e.g. cottonseed, corn, mustard etc.).

5. Ornamental crops – they are grown for decorative purposes in gardens and landscape design projects, as houseplants, it enhances the beauty of a garden or home. To create parks, gardens, lawn boarders, flowering and non-flowering ornamental plants can be used. It is also called floriculture. And floriculture is the main branch of horticulture. They are marigold, rose, tulip, gladiolus, hibiscus, petunia, daffodils, Onion bulb, geraniums, orchids, lily, lilac, bamboo plant, and many more crops are there for ornamental purpose.

6. Industrial crops – It is for multipurpose uses (e.g. rubber, and tobacco etc.)

Basically, food crops are divided into four categories, they are as the following:

1. Food crops – Wheat, Maize, Rice, Millets and Pulses etc.

2. Cash crops – Sugarcane, Tobacco, Cotton, Jute, and Oilseeds etc.

3. Plantation crops – Coffee, Coconut, Tea and Rubber etc.

4. Horticulture Crops – Fruits and Vegetables.

Especially, there are two types of crops all over the globe. They are as the following:

1.  Food crops – A kind of crop which is produced, or grown by the farmer for human, or animal consumption is called food crops. Mainly they are cereals (wheat, rice, maize, barley, and millet etc.), potatoes, vegetables, pulses etc.

2.  Cash crops – A kind of crop which is produced, or grown by the farmer for the purpose of selling in the market to get cash or profit in return is called cash crop. Especially, cash crops are cotton, coconut, Jute, Coffee, Tea, Spices, Turmeric, Sugarcane, Oil seeds, Cocoa, Rubber, Tobacco, vegetables, and Betel leaf etc.

What is the importance of growing food crops in the world?

The growing of varieties of food crops depend upon the variations in soil, climate, and cultivation practices of different parts of the country. The food crops are very important without which no one can survive. Because, only the food crops can fulfill the required nutrients to your body. Although, the importance of food crops depends on climate of the particular area, the nutrients supplied by the following food crops are as listed below:

1.  Rice – 541 Kcal.

2.  Wheat – 527 Kcal.

3.  Sugarcane – 200 Kcal.

4.  Maize – 147 Kcal.

5.  Millet – 27 Kcal.

6.  Sorghum – 28 Kcal.

7.  Soybean Oil – 82 Kcal.

8.  Vegetable – 74 Kcal.

9.  Potato – 64 Kcal.

10.  Cassava – 37 Kcal.

11.  Groundnut – 13 Kcal.

12.  Mustard oil – 34 Kcal.

13.  Banana – 21 Kcal.

14.  Beans – 23 Kcal.

15.  Fruits – 31 Kcal.

Seeing above the list, the food crops which are suitable according to the climate of the particular area, can be chosen, and grown by you on your own.

What are the examples of food crops?

Food crops are plants, which provide food for human or animal consumption, cultivated by human through agriculture and they especially constitute of cereals, vegetables, and fruits.

1. Cereals.

(a)  Wheat.

(b)  Millet.

(c)  Rice.

(d)  Maize.

(e)  Barley.

(f)  Gram.

(g)  Sorghum.

(h)  Legume, and

(i) Pulses etc.

2.  Vegetables.

(a)  Tomato.

(b)  Brinjal.

(c)  Chilly.

(d)  Onion.

(e)  Beans.

(f)  Leafy vegetables.

(g)  Tubers (sweet potato, chayote or squash root, and cassava etc.).

(h)  Potatoes, and

(i)  Yam etc.

3. Fruits.

(a)  Mango.

(b)  Apple.

(c)  Guava.

(d)  Banana.

(e)  Papaya.

(f)  Pineapple.

(g)  Cucumber.

(h)  Orange, and

(i)  Grape etc.

Can food crops be cash crops?

If the crops are grown, or produced for direct human, or animal consumption, in such a case it is called food crops, but if they are grown with the intention of earning money or making profit from them, in such condition it can be defined as cash crops. Some crops such as grain, vegetables, pulses etc. can be grown as food crops as well as cash crops, but some particular cash crops such as cotton, alfalfa, rapeseed etc. cannot be food crops. Therefore, you can ask yourself two questions into your heart before growing or collecting to determine if it is a food crops or cash crop:

1. Can human eat this crop? and

2. Why am I growing this crop, with the intention of making money, or for consumption? Do you want to know more about food crops? please click here…..